Wealth in a World of Change requires New Ways of Managing Wealth

Fritz Kaiser

Executive Chairman Kaiser Partner

Manage Your Estate

Managing an estate means more than managing investments. In addition to providing investment services to individuals, we work with families across generations. Kaiser Partner Financial Advisors coordinate and collaborate with our clients’ accountants, tax advisors, estate planners and lawyers to ensure that our services are aligned in their interests. For US persons there are unique issues and opportunities when it comes to managing their estates and our team assists our clients with their international estates.

Estate planning

In addition to individual accounts, our clients own assets through companies, limited partnerships, trusts or foundations as part of their overall business and estate planning. We provide investment services for assets within their tax-compliant structures.  

International estates are created historically through inheritance and increasingly by careers that enable professionals to work and become resident somewhere other than their original home country.

Estate planning affects not only the person who establishes a structure for the secure and orderly transfer of wealth to the next generation, but also the intended recipients or beneficiaries. Families with substantial wealth are becoming more and more globalized, with individual family members living in different countries. Whether a US link exists due to property situated in the US, the beneficial owner of a structure living in the US currently, or the intended beneficiaries might find them in the US – combining the benefits of US domestic and offshore solutions, provide compelling benefits. It is important that your local and offshore providers work together for a cohesive solution.

Asset protection

Asset protection and safeguarding assets are important considerations for our clients. For some this means placing a portion of their wealth offshore in a personal account to diversify political and geographical risks. For others it means the use of legal entities to separate private and business assets. Prenuptial planning, pre-immigration planning, protecting spendthrift and other vulnerable relatives – these are some examples where we could assist either directly or in collaboration with other specialists in Switzerland, America and elsewhere.