Wealth in a World of Change requires New Ways of Managing Wealth

Fritz Kaiser

Executive Chairman Kaiser Partner

Wealth Management Services and Financial Advice

Good advice has to be based on solid foundations. The services provided by Kaiser Partner Financial Advisors are based on three important principles.

1. Holistic approach

At Kaiser Partner Financial Advisors, we follow a holistic approach in order to get a comprehensive view of your financial personality and your vision of life. As your trusted advisor, we focus on Wealth Management solutions that produce the right financial outcome, but that also help you enjoy your wealth at the same time.

2. Responsible Investing 

Following the Kaiser Partner Group’s proved investment philosophy, we bring your investments into line with both your personal values and the drivers of global change.

3. Independence and flexibility 

Kaiser Partner Financial Advisors is structured to ensure independent advice for every client. We believe this is vital if we are to help secure and develop your wealth in the long run.

Please feel free to contact us and find out more about us. We’ll be happy to introduce you to our skills, services and competences, and show how we can work for you. We offer various types of service:

Our asset management services: fully discretionary or non-discretionary

Kaiser Partner Financial Advisors offers “fully discretionary asset management” which means that you delegate management to us after setting out guidelines for us to follow. We take care of the daily business of managing your wealth, so you benefit in full from our comprehensive expertise, including wealth structuring, succession planning and investment advice. In addition, Kaiser Partner Group offers you access to an international network of external experts in fields ranging from art and sports to corporate finance, philanthropy and tax advice.

Choosing Kaiser Partner Financial Advisors as your non-discretionary wealth manager leaves the investment decisions in your hands. You implement your wealth management strategy, but benefit from the active support we give in our role as your financial expert. Because we charge a fee for our advice and do not receive kickbacks for selling specific products, you receive an unbiased view resulting purely from independent research.