Chinese Contemporary Art

“A deeper insight into today´s social situation in China.”

Collecting Contemporary Art

Contemporary Chinese art offers deeper insight into today´s social situation in China and ultimately helps to bridge western and eastern cultures.
Fritz Kaiser has been collecting contemporary art since more than two decades. With the Fritz Kaiser Foundation he has initiated “88MoCCA – The Museum of Chinese Contemporary Art” on the web. It functions as a multi media website and aims to support and showcase Chinese contemporary art by means of quality information for the public.

“Soul of Capital”

A special edition of the magazine DU devoted to “Art in China” includes a major interview with Kaiser and describes him as a seeker “who is trying to discover the ‘soul of capital’ and find out what ‘responsibility’ really means”.
Order your personal copy of the special edition of “Du” while stocks last (currently only available in German). Just click the email link in the field to the right.

88MoCCA on ArtZine

ArtZine is a leading online publication for contemporary Chinese art. Leslie-Ann Boctor visited 88MoCCA and presents in her recent article on ArtZine a few artworks that are exhibited on the premises of Kaiser Partner.